In Memory of
Our Departed Comrades

On this page we honor those members of Veterans For Peace Chapter 92 who have passed away but are by no means forgotten. They came to VFP92 by different journeys through our common experience -- the U.S. military. Because of this, each of them shaped the chapter in their own unique way.

We are all the better, both as a chapter and as individuals, that their desire for a peaceful world lead them to VFP92. All of them were very much Veterans For Peace.

If you know of a departed chapter member who is not listed here, please contact us at and we will update the list.
Thank you.


Emily Horswill1921 - 2012WWII veteran, author
Jackie Hudson1936 - 2011Associate member of VFP92, nun and activist for nuclear disarmament.
O'Kelly McCluskey1926 - 2010WWII veteran, Korean War veteran, founding member of VFP92.
John Wells1923 - 2007WWII veteran, Snohomish County Peace-Action.