Emily Horswill

Remembering Emily Horswill
Emily Ungerecht Horswill (pictured at right and below) died in the early morning hours on Monday, November 12, 2012, at the age of 91. The Ballard News-Tribune featured her in a 2009 article "Ballard resident publishes novel 80 years in the making". Emily was a long-time member of VFP 92 and was with us in Auburn last year for the Veterans Day parade, covering the entire parade under her own steam. Below is part of her obituary from the Seattle Times. You can see a photo and read a short biographical sketch of Emily, an appreciation from her writing group, and a sample of her writing here.


Emily Ungerecht HORSWILL

Born Nov 2, 1921 in Terry, MT; died Nov. 12, 2012. Her lifelong love of nature found expression in a career as an environmental journalist and author, for which she received numerous writing awards. She served in the Army during World War II and devoted much of her later life to advocating for peace. In 2007, she was awarded a Doctorate in the Arts of Peace by the Global Peace Truth Force. Married to Ernest Horswill until his death. Survived by daughter Annette Hill, nephew Thomas Horswill. ... Additional photos and biographical information at http://funerals.coop/emily-horswill/


Emily Horswill (in red) protesting the US occupation
of Iraq in 2010 in downtown Seattle.