War Resister Support Action Team


Our mission statement is:

To be a source of support, comfort and information for those in the military who are choosing to resist.

To provide timely information to the chapter and its members about how they can support GIs who resist wars or who take a stand against physical, psychological and sexual abuse within the military.

The War Resisters Support Action Team will coordinate with other chapters and war resister advocacy groups in campaigns to support war resisters and will initiate campaigns on behalf of the chapter.

We will encourage participation in these campaigns by publicizing them, including in the military communities, by taking political action, and by raising funds to help GI resisters with legal defense and survival needs.

We will seek to create a positive image of GI resisters and to influence public opinion in favor of these courageous men and women.

For more information or to participate in this team, please contact WarResistors@vfp92.org