Chelsea Manning Release Celebration

Wednesday, May 17, 2017 - 7:00pm

Chelsea is free! (and  we celebrated-- see below)

Veterans For Peace will host a celebration on the day Chelsea Manning is released from prison on May 17, her 35 year sentence commuted by President Obama in his last days in office.  The celebration will be at 7 pm at The New Freeway Hall in Rainier Valley (5018 Rainier Ave S.).  Veterans For Peace has marched in the last 6 Pride Parades in Seattle to raise awareness of Chelsea's incarceration and the unjust imprisonment for leaking war crimes in Iraq and Afghanistan.  Veterans For Peace believe Ms. Manning was a courageous whistle blower. Chelsea Manning, (formerly Bradley Manning) a transgender soldier provided Wikileaks with classified documents hoping to start a worldwide discussion and wanted people "to see the truth", after going through her chain of command to no avail.  Leaked documents, "Collateral Murder", Iraq War Logs", and"Afghan War Logs" showed human rights violations and war crimes.  Ms. Manning pled guilty to 10 offenses; the Army found her guilty of 20.